Garden Lighting Ideas for Any Lawn and Garden Space

If you are someone who decorates using lights inside or during the holiday season, you already know that lighting can accentuate and beautify most areas. Therefore, it should not come as a surprise that you can use lighting in your yard, year-round to create a space that is purely one of a kind. To help you figure out if it is something you want to do, here are a few garden lighting ideas for any lawn and garden space.

Highlighting Matters

Let’s say you have a tree that you feel looks great or a shrubbery lined wall between you and your neighbor. Instead of having it become a dark, scary place in the middle of the night, you can use spot lights to highlight those areas. Simply install a light at the base of a tree or on the side of the bushes that is further away from the wall. You will create shadows, but still, make it stand out among all of the darkness around it.

Ropes and Strings

Rope lighting along your driveway or walkways is always a great idea. It shows visitors where to go and can help you get into the house in the middle of the night, but you are not confined by running this type of lighting in those areas. You can use rope lights or light strings to give you a subtle light from overhead or alongside your sitting area. This is ideal for family dinners in the back yard and fire pit areas. In the fire pit, you may also choose to use strings of white lights combined with logs to give you a “fire” when there is no fire inside of it. There are also people who hang a watering can or something else over a flowerbed and then use string lights to imitate water falling from it and onto the plants below.

Candles and Lanterns

Tiki torches and oil lanterns work well in the outdoors because they do not blow out easily, but candles are also a popular choice for garden lighting. Many people punch holes in tin cans or buy them already done so that they can put tiny candles inside of them. The light escapes through the pinholes and creates a dancing light effect that looks great. If you do not want a candle outside, you can purchase flickering imitation candles and achieve the same look. In all cases, garden lighting is easy, the hard part is choosing the lighting you want.

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